Farming you can earn a lot of money with this skill if you know what you are doing, because the herbs that you can farm are much sought after to train the Herblore skill. But you have to know a lot of stuff to level this skill. There are 8 different patches to grow crops on. There are patches for Herbs, Trees, Vegetables, and so on. So you can only grow crops on the appropriate patches.  You can do other activities, when your crops are planted. You could hunt on effigies meanwhile to get some extra Farming xp.

Level 1-15Edit

You will have to start growing vegetables, flowers, hops and bushes. 

Items needed:

  • Rake
  • Super Compost
  • Seeds
  • Spade
  • Seed dibber

All these crops are grown on patches nearby each other. these patches are build out of 2 allotment patched on the sides, a flower patch in the middle and a herb patch. there is also a compost bin here to make super compost.

Picture Name Location
022 allotment-ardougne Ardougne Teleport with the loadstone to Ardougne and walk north. Run past the [[1]] shop and rune past the trees above the Farming shop to the east. You will see the patches now.
023 allotment-catherby Catherby Teleport with the loadstone to Catherby and walk north-west. You will see the patches now.
024 allotment-falador Falador Teleport with the loadstone to Port Sarim and walk north-east until you find a cabbage field. Go the field by and you will see the patches now.


Now go to the vegetables patch and rake the patch to get the weeds away. Use your super compost on the patch now and plant your seeds. There will appear a lot of little plants. the sowing of this patch costs 3 seeds. You can teleport to other patches while you are waiting on your crops to grow. Your crops will keep growing when you log out but they can die then when they get diseased. 

Your crops will be fully grown when you waited some time. Right click the patches and select harvest. You will harvest your crops now with a spade. Your inventory will be full very fast, but you will automatically drop the items when it's full.

Seed Result Name Level Time (min) Xp planting

Xp harvesting

025 potato-seed 026 potato Potatoes 1 ? ? ?
027 onion-seed 028 onion Onions 5 ? ? ?
029 cabbage-seed 030 cabbage Cabbage 7 16 ? ?
031 032tomato Tomato 12


720 805
033 sweetcorn-seed 034 sweetcorn Sweetcorn 20 25 ? ?
035 strawberry-seed 036 strawberry Strawberries 31 ? ? ?
037 watermelon-seed 038 watermelon Watermelons 47 ? 1067 1050


You can lower the chance on diseased vegetables by planting flowers. Marigolds will protect Potatoes, Onions and Tomatoes. Rosemary will protect Cabbages. 

Flowers as Woads and Limpwurts aren't planted as protection but as harvest.

Seed Result Name Level Time (min) Xp planting Xp harvesting
039 marigold-seed 040 marigold Marigold 2 8 489 2,705
041 rosemary-seed 042 rosemary Rosemary 11 ? ? ?
043 nasturtium-seed 044 nasturtium Nasturtium 24 ? ? ?
045 woad-seed 046 woad-leaf Woad 25 ? ? ?
047limpwurt-seed 048 limpwurt-root Limpwurt 26 9 473 6,096


Growing herbs is good for your Farming level and your bank amount. You can get quie a lot of herbs with a relative little effort. You will harvest grimy herbs. You can use super compost do decrease the chance on diseases and higher the amount of herbs that you will harvest.

Seed Result Name Level Time Xp planting Xp harvesting
049 tarromin-seed 050 clean-guam Guam 9 30min ? ?
049 tarromin-seed 051 clean-marrentill Marrentill 14 30min ? ?
049 tarromin-seed 052 clean-tarromin Tarromin 19 30min ? 1,036
049 tarromin-seed 053 clean-harralander Harralander 26 30min ? ?
049 tarromin-seed 054 clean-ranarr Ranarr 32 30min 594 610
049 tarromin-seed 055 clean-toadflax Toadflax 38 30min ? ?
049 tarromin-seed 056 clean-irit Irit 44 30min 2,475 2,464
049 tarromin-seed 057 clean-avantoe Avantoe 50 30min ? ?
049 tarromin-seed 058 clean-kwuarm Kwuarm 56 30min 1,380 ?
049 tarromin-seed 059 clean-snapdragon Snapdragon 62 30min ? ?
049 tarromin-seed 060 clean-cadantine Cadantine 67 30min ? ?
049 tarromin-seed 061 clean-lantadyme Lantadyme 73 30min ? ?
049 tarromin-seed 062 clean-dwarf-weed Dwarf Weed 79 30min ? ?
049 tarromin-seed 063 clean-torstol Torstol 85 30min ? ?
You can make different drinks from these hops by using the [[2]] skill. The planting of these Hops is exact the same as for other crops: Rake the patch weeds free, Add super compost, dig the seeds and walk to the next patch. You will need 3 seeds to plant a full patch.
Picture Name Location
064 Lumbridge Lumbridge Teleport to Varrock with the loadstone and walk south. Walk past the champions guild and you will see the patch then.
065 seers' village Seers' Village Teleport to Seers' Village with the loadstone and walk north. You will see the patch after a while.
066 yanille Yanille Teleport to Yanille with the loadstone and walk west past the 2 big doors. Follow the road and you will see the patch north of the road.


Seed Result Name Level Time Xp planting Xp harvesting
067 barley-seed 068 barley BarleyHops 3 ? ? ?
069 hammerstone-seed 070 hammerstone-hops HammerstoneHops 4 ? ? ?
071 asgarnian-seed 072asgarnian-hops Asgarnian Hops 8 ? ? ?
074 jute-seed 075 jute-fibre Jute 13 ? ? ?
076 yanillian-seed 077 yanillian-hops Yanillian Hops 16 ? ? ?
078 krandorian-seed 079 krandorian-hops Krandorian Hops 21 ? ? ?
080 wildblood-seed 081 wildblood-hops Wildblood Hops 28 ? ? ?
Bushes grow in bush patches.
Picture Name Location
082 bush-ardougne Ardougne Teleport to Ardougne with the loadstone and go in the direction of the Monastery of the Monk's Friend quest. The patch is nearby the monastry in the north.
083 bush-champions-guild Champions' Guild Teleport to Varrock with the loadstone and walk to the Champions Guild. You will see the patch in the west of the Guild.
084 bush-rimmington Rimmington Teleport to Port Sarim with the loadstone and walk west to Rimmington. The patch is in the north-west of the General Store in Rimmington.


Seed Result Name Level Time Xp planting Xp harvesting
083 redberry-seed 084 redberries Redberries 10 ? ? ?
085 cadavaberry-seed 086 cadava-berries Cadava berries 22 ? ? ?
087 dwellberry-seed 088 dwellberries Dwellberries 36 ? ? ?
089 jangerberry-seed 090 jangerberries Jangerberries 48 ? ? ?
091 whiteberry-seed 092 white-berries White berries 59 ? ? ?
093 poison-ivy-seed 094 poison-ivy-berries Poison Ivy 70 ? ? ?

Level 15-60Edit

You will start planting trees  now, Regular trees for players with a low farming level to be specific. Normal trees are growing faster then fruit trees. Normal Trees take around 3 hours while fruits take around 6.

Plant all oak, willow and maple trees in the normal tree patches and all apple, banana, orange, curry, pineapple and papaya trees in a fruit tree patch. Always plant a new tree after checking the health, only the picking the fruit and cutting the trees gives only a little to none Farming experience. The check-health option gives the most xp.

Items needed:

  • Plant pot
  • Gardening trowel
  • Super compost
  • Rake
  • Spade
  • Seeds
  • Hatchet

You could probably guess it already: You will have to plant trees in tree patches. You can't plant tree seeds in these patches. You will have to grow a sapling first in a plant pot. You will have to put the tree seed in the plant pot with a gardening trowel. You will get a tree sapling insteadly. You can plant these in a tree patch now.

You can't cure a tree with a cure potion. You can only do that wit magic secateurs. Cut the diseased leafs out of the tree and you are ready.

You can "check health" the tree when they are fully grown to get the [[3]] experience. You can cut the tree down after with the [[4]] skill. The tree will grow again like in normal woodcutting. But you can also get rid of the tree by diging the tree stump out. The patch is clean again to plant your next tree.

Picture Name Location
095 tree-falador Falador Teleport to Falador with the loadstone and run south true the Gate. Go to the east right after and enter the park. You will see the tree east of the southern enterance of the Falador park.
096 tree-gnome-stronghold Gnome Stronghold The tree patch is in the west of the bank in the Gnome Stronghold, which lays in the west of the agility-cours. You can get the fastest here with the spirit tree teleport. Go to the Mobilising armies with the Ring of Duelling for the fastest access to th spirit tree.
097 tree-lumbridge Lumbridge Teleport to Lumbridge with the loadstone and go true the gate of the castle. walk around the castle and go out of the castle area true the 2 doors. You will be able to see the tree patch in the east then.
098tree-taverley taverly Teleport to Taverley with the loadstone and follow the road south. walk over the bridge and go past the slayer master. the Tree patch will be right before you.
099 tree-varrock Varrock Teleport with the Oracle of Dawn to Varrock and walk south to the castle. The tree patch is on the south-east side of the castle.


Seed Result Name Level Time Xp planting Xp Harvesting
100 acorn 101 oak-logs Acorn (OakTrees) 15 ? ? ?
102 willow-seed 103 willow-logs Willow Seed 30 ? ? ?
104 maple-seed 105 maple-logs Maple Trees 45 ? ? ?
106 yew-seed 108 yew-logs Yew Trees 60 ? ? ?
109 magic-seed 110 magic-logs Magic Trees 75 ? ? ?

Level 60-99Edit

You will now start planting trees for players with a high Farming level. Begin on level 60 with the planting of yew and papaya trees, from level 68 with yew and palm trees and from level 75 with magic and palm trees. Train farming till level 99 with the trees in the following list.

  • Yew and papaya trees (level 60 till 68)
  • Yew and palm trees (level 68 till 75)
  • Magic and palm trees (level 75 till 99)

The methode above is verry expensive, but trains really fast. The items that you need are the same as the ones in the previous methode. 

Quick traveling methods to your treesEdit

Try to save as much time as you can in traveling by choosing handy routes between your trees. The precize route depends on your preference and which items you have. Below is an example.

You can teleport verry fast to different patches with [[5]]. Begin wit the tree in Varrock and teleport afterwards with the spirit tree in the grand exchange to The Tree in the Gnome Stronghold. Check the health of your fruit and normal tree there. Travel afterwards with the spirit tree to the Khazard Battlefield south of Ardougne and go to your tree in the Tree Gnome Village.

Teleport to Catherby, check the heakth of the Fruit tree and go afterwards with the boat in Catherby to Brimhaven. check your fruit tree there. Teleport then to Falador, where also 2 normal trees are located: one in Falador park and one in Taverly.Teleport now to lumbridge and check your last tree.

Tips for while waitingEdit

It lasts really long before your trees are fully grown, you can do other things meanwhile to get Farming xp.

  • You can try to get ancient effigies for a decent amount of xp.
  • You can also get some extra Farming exprience by doing vegetables, flower, herb, hobs and bush farming runs. You can also make some more money with herb farming.
  • You can also train other skills, as [[6]], [[7]], ...

Some Farming tipsEdit

  • Wear magic secateurs. Harvest of vegetables, herbs and hops will increase with 10% when wearing those.You could also use normal secateurs.
  • Use an amulet of nature. You can for example use it on one of your trees and see from a distance when the tree is done. that saves a run looking if they are done or not.