Herblore  is an artisan skill that allows players to make their own potions that serve various uses.

Although Herblore can be trained relatively quickly, it is one of the most expensive skills in the game for players who buy all or most of the needed ingredients. For players who gather the ingredients (most are available from monster drops or farming and some spawn in various locations), it is much less expensive but quite time consuming.


Herblore is a skill that allows players to make their own potions that can be used in combat to provide boosts to stats. All players start off with level 3 Herblore.


Grimy herbs are herbs that have not yet been cleaned. They can be cleaned by clicking on the herb, which provides a small amount of herblore experience. Herbs are almost always obtained in their grimy state (from farming, monster remains etc.). Grimy herbs typically cost more than their clean counterparts because experience is gained from cleaning it. Although, players usually do not want to spend time cleaning the herbs. It is also suggested that players collect their own ingredients to reduce training costs.

Grimy Herb Name Level Req
Guam 3
Marrentill 5
Tarromin 11
Harralander 20
Ranarr 25
Toadflax 30
Irit 40
Avantoe 48
Kwuarm 54
Snapdragon 59
Cadantine 65
Lantadyme 67
Dwarf Weed 70
Torstol 75

1.1 Obtaining the Supplies Needed.Edit

To train the Herblore skill, you will be needing Vials of water, Herbs and Secondary Ingredients.

- You may obtain vials of water from the Lighthouse shop or the Taverley Herblore Guide, in vials of water packs.

- You may obtain Herbs from various monster drops, via the Farming skill, or buying them from other players or from the G.E.

- Killing chaos druids within the Edgeville dungeon.

1.2 Starting offEdit

Starting off, you're going to get to level 72 Herblore by making various potions. You may obtain the herbs you need from chaos druids, farming them, or buying them.

I'd reccommend farming the best Herb you can use and making potions out of them until you reach level 72.

1.3 Finishing offEdit

From 72 to 89 you're going to make ranged potions with Dwarf Weed and Wine of Zamorak. The reason you want to use dwarf weed is because they are the most common and easily obtained herb. They drop noted in large quantities at Armadyl Boss. You may buy yours from the G.E. or from other players, or even get them yourself.

You'll be making ranged potions until you reach level 89.

From 89 to 99, you'll be making Extreme Strength potions.

You need a Super Strength potion and Dwarf weed to make them.

An alternative could be do Extreme Strength potions to 92.

Once you get 92 Herblore do Extreme Ranging potions to 99, as grenwall spikes are sold in G.E. by admins and you can buy Ranging potions (4) from oracle and drink 1 dose.