Magic is one of the many skills on Onyx.

There are three spell books on the server: Lunar, ancient, and normal.

The Lunar and other spellbooks can be changed, and is accessible where it is in Runescape, on the Lunar Isle etc.

The best way to train magic is alching till any multi spell, then go to any place with multi monsters then attack them with the multi spell, which gets you a fast 99 or 94.



Regular Spellbook Edit

This is the spellbook you will automatically start with. It contains the standard attack spells, skilling spells, teleportation spells, and random spells.

Regular Combat SkillsEdit

These skills are used in combat to inflict damage upon the opponent.

Name Level Runes
Wind rush
Wind Rush 1 [1]x2
Water Strike icon
Wind Strike 1 [2]x1[3]x1
Water Strike icon
Water Strike 5 [4]x1[5]x1[6]x1
Earth Strike icon
Earth Strike 9 [7]x1[8]x1[9]x1
Fire Strike icon
Fire Strike 13 [10]x1[11]x1[12]x1
Air Bolt icon
Air Bolt 17 [13]x2[14]x1
Water Bolt icon
Water Bolt 23 [15]x2[16]x2[17]x1
Earth Bolt icon
Earth Bolt 29 [18]x3[19]x2[20]x1
Fire Bolt icon
Fire Bolt 35 [21]x4[22]x3[23]x1
Air Blast icon
Air Blast 41 [24]x3[25]x1
Water Blast icon
Water Blast 47 [26]x3[27]x3[28]x1
Earth Blast icon
Earth Blast 53 [29]x4[30]x3[31]x1
Fire Blast icon
Fire Blast 59 [32]x5[33]x4[34]x1
Air Wave icon
Air Wave 62 [35]x5[36]x1
Water Wave icon
Water Wave 65 [37]x7[38]x5[39]x1
Earth Wave icon
Earth Wave 70 [40]x7[41]x5[42]x1
Fire Wave icon
Fire Wave 75 [43]x7[44]x5[45]x1
Air Surge icon
Wind Surge 81 [46]x7[47]x1[48]x1
Water Surge icon
Water Surge 85 [49]x10[50]x7[51]x1[52]x1
Earth Surge icon
Earth Surge 90 [53]x10[54]x7[55]x1[56]x1
Fire Surge icon
Fire Surge 95 [57]x10[58]x7[59]x1[60]x1

Special Combat SkillsEdit

These skills are non-elemental attacks.

Name Level Runes
Crumble Undead icon
Crumble Undead 39 [61]x2[62]x2[63]x1
Magic Dart icon
Magic Dart 50 [64]x1[65]x4+[66]
Iban Blast icon
Iban Blast 50 [67]x5[68]x1+[69]
Saradomin Strike icon
Saradomin Strike 60 [70]x2[71]x4[72]x2+[73]
Claws of Guthix icon
Claw of Guthix 60 [74]x1[75]x4[76]x2+[77]
Flames of Zamorak icon
Flames of Zamorak 60 [78]x4[79]x1[80]x2+[81]
20121123175036!Storm of Armadyl
Storm of Armadyl 77


Charge icon
Charge 80 [84]x3[85]x3[86]x3

Curse SpellsEdit

These skills are used to put an effect on your enemies.

Name Level Runes
[87] Confuse 3 [88]x3[89]x2[90]x1
[91] Weaken 11 [92]x3[93]x2[94]x1
[95] Curse 19 [96]x3[97]x2[98]x1
[99] Bind 20 [100]x3[101]x3[102]x2
[103] Snare 50 [104]x4[105]x4[106]x3
[107] Vulnerability 66 [108]x5[109]x5[110]x1
[111] Enfeeble 73 [112]x8[113]x8[114]x1
[115] Entangle 79 [116]x5[117]x5[118]x4
[119] Stun 80 [120]x12[121]x12[122]x1
[123] Teleport Block 85 [124]x1[125]x1[126]x1

Alchemy SpellsEdit

These spells are used to convert one item into another, more useful item.

Name Level Runes
[127] Bones to Bananas 15 [128]x2[129]x2[130]x1
[131] Low Level Alchemy 21 [132]x1[133]x3
[134] Superheat Item 43 [135]x1[136]x4
[137] High Level Alchemy 55 [138]x1[139]x5
[140] Bones to Peaches 60 [141]x4[142]x4[143]x2

Enchant BoltsEdit

These spells are used to enchant your crossbow bolts, which increases damage, and add effects.

Name Level Runes
[144] Opal 4 [145]x1[146]x2
[147] Sapphire 7 [148]x1[149]x1[150]x1
[151] Jade 14 [152]x1[153]x2
[154] Pearl 24 [155]x1[156]x2
[157] Emerald 27 [158]x1[159]x3[160]x1
[161] Red Topaz 29 [162]x1[163]x2
[164] Ruby 49 [165]x1[166]x5[167]x1
[168] Diamond 57 [169]x1[170]x10[171]x2
[172] Dragonstone 68 [173]x1[174]x15[175]x1
[176] Onyx 87 [177]x1[178]x20[179]x1

To train just cast spells.