Runecrafting is an artisan skill allowing players to craft runes for Magic spells at Runecrafting altars. Runecrafting was accidentally discovered by a Fremennik, which eventually led to a split in their society. It is classed as an artisan skill and its symbol is a slab of essence being stricken with magic. It is mainly trained by crafting runes at an altar using essence. Alternatively, runecrafting in the Runespan provides another training method, but the runes created cannot be kept.

 Rune Altar Training Edit

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Runespan Training Edit

Getting there Edit

The Runespan portals can be found at the top of the Wizards' Tower, flanking the Runecrafting Guildentrance, after talking to Wizard Finix. The low-level portal on the east side of the tower, near Wizard Finix, and the mid-level portal is on the west side. There is no high-level portal, however the mid-level portal can be redirected to the high-level Runespan by Wizard Rinsit

By the way there's no way you can use runespan points...

I recommend to siphon 10 runes and then chip-off him so u can repeat him siphoning this is the fastest way to do runespan.

Upon arriving, you will notice floating rocks, better known as Floating Essence, collect it by clicking them.

Level 1 to 20 Edit

Start of by siphoning the Air Esslings till you are Level 20.

Air essling

Level 20 to 35 Edit

Go west from where you came in the RuneSpan. You will see a vine which you need to climb up to the next floor.

Runespan lower level map numbered

There are two Body Esshounds here which you can level on, siphon them till Level 35.

150px-Body esshound

Level 35 to 44 Edit

Go some where from where you were siphoning the Body Esshounds till you find some Chaos Esshounds, siphon these until Level 44.

150px-Chaos esshound

Level 44 to 65 Edit

Siphon Nature esshounds till level 65.

150px-Nature esshound

Level 65 to 77 Edit

Get to island 40 on the second floor and go up the vine there to reach floor 3.

Runespan middle level map numbered

From where you came up the green vine, go south east using the platforms to find a Bone Ladder, here you will find a Death Esswraith, siphon on it till Level 77.

150px-Death esswraith

Level 77 to 90 Edit

Next follow the path to get to the Blood Esswraiths (North, East, South-East), on that platform should be a Blood Esswraith. Siphon it till Level 90.

150px-Blood esswraith

Level 90 to 99 Edit

Siphon on the Soul Esswraith close to the Blood Esswraith Platform, Siphon till Level 99.

150px-Soul esswraith

Runespan Experience PointsEdit


Name Level
Air Essling 1
Mind Essling 1
Water Essling 5
Earth Essling 9
Fire Essling 14


Name level
Body Esshound 20
Cosmic Esshound 27
Chaos Esshound 35
Astral Esshound 40
Nature Esshound 44
Law Esshound 54


Name Level
Death Esswraith 65
Blood Esswraith 77
Soul Esswraith 90